The Role of Chatbots in iGaming

The iGaming space is getting extremely crowded and that’s where chatbots are being seen as a differentiated way to drive an enhanced user experience. Intelligent and engaging chatbots providing virtual assistance have the potential to act as a unique tool for communication between the game and users. And they can give 24/7 in-game support to gamers at high-speed and low cost.

Sky Betting and Gaming were the first in the gaming industry to adopt chatbot technology in January 2017. The chatbot called “Ask Jeff” was a highly visible part of their recruitment process.

Today, besides providing support, chatbots can also help in collecting data and insights from their conversations with players. Additionally, the role of chatbots is not only to collect the player’s information as feedback or fix their problem but also to analyze the player’s behavior. The information collected acts as feedback for online gaming companies to enhance the game’s quality and user experience.

There are two sets of approaches in the iGaming world:

  1. Traditional set:
    Enabling some specific actions like free spins, coupons, bonuses, helping players to bet, deposit, and withdraw money.

  2. Graphic interface set:
    Instead of typing messages, players click a button and select questions from a menu. These are generally FAQ’s that the players ask.

Driving Intelligent Gambling experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a revolutionary and powerful technology in many industries. And it seems set to be massively utilized within the online gambling industry via chatbots with excellent functionality. The range of possibilities is quite vast.

The usage of chatbots to, round the clock, fix player’s problems immediately and support them while playing has helped the gambling industry cut customer service costs by optimizing the need for live customer service agents and infrastructure.

Chatbots can also be programmed in multiple languages, including regional options. This approach has helped iGaming sites onboard players easily. Creating a practical experience forms real-time interactions; thus improving the performance of the players.

By analyzing the player performance and gathering the information provided by them, chatbots automatically curate better deals and offerings for them, increasing the chance of player uptake. This can drive player loyalty and usage.

Innovative technology integrations are emerging as technology evolves. For instance, we are seeing online chatbot-based casino sites that integrate with popular messaging platforms present increasingly “real-world” like experiences to players. Messages are highly encrypted, ad-free, user-friendly, and compatible with high file upload. The components offer players a safe gambling environment. In fact, when intuitively linked to chatbots, social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook messenger could herald a revolution for casual gamers. They allow quick access to various games in just one click. Gamers select the game and share it in a chat with a friend’s group to invite them to play, or, perhaps, play alone. The ease of access helps reduce entry barriers.

Chatbots could also be designed to play with gamers who are trying to learn the game, the online systems, or are still trying out the open or free version of the game till they muster up the motivation to step into paid or deeper levels. This will help give a real sense to the gamers of the game experience, validate their understanding of their skill level, and also reassure them of the availability of support, should the need arise. This helps iGaming companies ensure that they never have empty tables in their online casino.

Of course, deploying a chatbot is not as easy as flipping a switch. There is a significant technology element involved in the operation. The bot would have to be deeply trained and integrated tightly with the customer information systems, knowledge bases, operating procedures and manuals, and financial systems. It would have to be highly secure. The key objective of deploying a chatbot is to improve the customer experience, which means the bot experience itself must be highly intuitive, elegant, refined, and seamless.

Final Thoughts

According to Newzoo, due to the pandemic and extended lockdown measures, iGaming has become an ideal escape for many people. As a result, the online gambling industry has seen a dramatic increase in engagement and revenues. While this is, obviously, a good thing it also means that there is tremendous competition for the eyeballs of the online gamer.

That’s where chatbots can play a decisive role.

Chatbots are viewed as multi-channel customer engagement devices. They have been tested and found effective in improving customer service and game workflows by providing suggestions and reminders to players. All in all, chatbots could prove critical in making the iGaming experience seamless and engaging for the user.