The Rich History of the Lottery and Its New Super-Popular Online Avatar

Winning a lottery is something that probably all of us have fantasized about at some point in our lives. Despite the odds of winning a lottery being relatively low, the thrill has remained undiminished over the ages.

As per a report, in the year 2016, Americans spent $80 billion on lottery tickets which was more than they spent on any other recreational activity. The global lottery market is expected to clock in $353 billion by 2026.

The lottery has also been an integral part of human history. Kings, politicians, philosophers, and common men have all profited from lotteries. These days, thanks to the availability of super-fast internet, online lottery games and apps are getting very popular.

In this article, we'll talk about the rich history of the lottery and also touch upon the super-popular online avatar of the lottery.

The rich history of the lottery

The first signs of lottery history can be traced back to around 200BC in China under the Han Dynasty.

But lotteries, as we know them today, took their current form during the ancient Roman empire. Augustus Caesar, the ancient Roman emperor came up with the idea of organizing a lottery to raise revenues for making repairs in the city of Rome.

But as per few historians, the real rage of lottery started around the 1400s in France. Various towns in France used the lottery to raise money to strengthen their defenses.

Seeing the success of lotteries in France, in the 1500s, Queen Elizabeth I established the first English state lottery.

In America, the first lottery was introduced in colonies like Massachusetts in the 1700s. These lotteries helped to pay the costs of military expenses. A few years later, the Continental Congress introduced the first national lottery. This was started to raise funds for the American Revolution.

In the 1900s, Italy adopted lotteries and introduced a municipal lottery. The success of this idea made various Italian cities follow the same path.

After experimenting with different formats, the 50-50 draw format became the most popular. Under this format, the prize was set to be 50% of the total revenue.

Thanks to the popularity of lotteries across various towns around the globe, most countries legalized lottery activities.

The internet has now helped push the boundaries of the lottery even further. People from different parts of the world now have the opportunity to play the lottery online. And they do so in ever-increasing numbers.

Rise of online lottery

Considering how quickly the online lottery is growing, it is expected that it might surpass even on-site casino gambling by the year 2030. It would have been a crazy thing to say only a few years back. But thanks to the fast growth of the internet and even the restrictions posed due to the pandemic, the prospect looks entirely possible.

Around 2006, when internet speeds were just picking up, many companies started developing casino games for the internet with better graphics and musical tracks. International lotto games like and came to life. This gave people a chance to play lottery games on the international stage from any part of the world.

When the internet developed further, the speeds picked up even more, and technology improved the need to download a game vanished. People could now simply stream a lottery game on their browsers without downloading it.

Things got an even bigger boost when smartphones came around. To put it simply, this completely revolutionized the online lottery market. Lottery players could now easily carry around the game anywhere they wanted and play it any time they wanted. They could access the game 24*7. There were winnings available at any time of the day and, even, instantly. This is where the big boom is happening right now.

How to start your own online lottery

You need to create a plan and strategy if you wish to start an online lottery and cash in on the global popularity of the game. You need to figure out how the online lottery game will look, what special features will it have, which areas would you like to target, and how will you promote your online lottery.

Another important consideration is to choose a gaming software partner. You must choose a provider that is not only reliable but also has prior experience in building superlative online lottery games.

You must also get an online gambling license. Without having a legitimate license, many financial systems might not want to work with you. Since every country has its own rules and regulations, you need to be compliant with the local laws.

Choosing a bank or payment gateway service provider to accept money is also an important step. After launching your online lottery game, you must also promote it using various PR and SEO strategies.

Technology considerations for online lottery

Before developing an online lottery game, you must keep in mind the following technology implications -

  • To retain online players, you need to provide them a great online experience.
  • This includes several key considerations. For instance, your servers must be running at optimum levels based on player volumes. So, you must put some thought into data management. You must build a smart architecture to better manage high online traffic. You may choose to go with server solutions that help you reduce latency.
  • You must choose the right cloud hosting service for your online lottery. You must keep in mind the various factors like storage capacity, customer reviews, DDoS protection, maintenance support, and pricing.
  • After launching your online lottery, you will be dealing with a lot of data. Multiplayer online games like the lottery can generate a massive amount of data per day. That is why you have the potential to analyze this data and benefit from the insights this data provides. You can potentially understand user behavior to improve the gaming experience.
  • Data security is something that you'll need to put extra effort in. Since you'll be dealing with tons of user data including the financial information of all the users, you will be extremely susceptible to cyberattacks. The only way to address it is by strengthening the security of your online lottery.


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