The customer experience question online poker companies must answer

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It is not surprising that online poker has an incredibly loyal following. There are more than 100 million players worldwide. The best players in the world have amassed over $10 million by winning online poker games. Closer home, one of the best players had won $7.5 million in poker. So, what makes online poker so popular?

The first reason is the convenience it offers to the players. Players can play from anywhere, anytime, without heading into a casino. A task at most times and made much harder in times like now.

Secondly, there is the flexibility. Players can decide when they want to play or pause the game and pick up again from where they left. The most interesting feature of an online poker website is its omnichannel customer experience. A player could start playing on a laptop and then continue playing on a mobile phone. The experience would remain the same.

With so much riding on online poker games, online poker companies must focus on strengthening the customer experience of their game site.

Questions that online poker companies must ask themselves

Here are a few questions they must answer to make their website customer-centric.

Is the website secure?

The reputation of the site is vital for customers. Considering that money transactions happen on most online poker websites, they can be vulnerable to attacks and scams. People can be cheated if the website is not secure. A good poker website will have SSL encryptions and will closely monitor the activities within the platform to identify security loopholes. Loopholes, if any, are plugged before they escalate and damage the reputation of the website. The first thing, however, is to ensure that the site is 100% legal and compliant with applicable local laws.

Does the website accept different payment methods?

Players may prefer to use various modes of payment to withdraw or deposit money. A good poker website should provide users with flexible options such as e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, Paypal, etc. These payment gateways should be secure and user-friendly. Today, you should include options to pay using cryptocurrency too.

Does the website have dedicated customer support?

Online poker sites are open 24 hours throughout the year. Players should, therefore, have access to customer support at any given time of day. An excellent online poker website must include options such as live-chat and calls so players can reach out immediately in case of any issues. Customer support should also be proactive in responding to the player’s queries promptly. The timely and right support will help poker websites to build their reputation as a customer-centric website.

Does the website offer personalized recommendations?

A good poker website will understand that hyper-personalization is the secret to success. With the help of technologies such as data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, websites will be able to profile prospective players and target them with personalized content and advertisements. Websites can also leverage these technologies to create more engagement on the platform, predict churn, and find ways to keep the players engaged through personalized recommendations. These technologies also help websites to segment the users on various parameters to offer hyper-personalized experience.

Does the website offer an immersive experience?

A well-designed immersive experience almost gives a player the feeling that they are playing in a real-world environment. Online poker websites can create such an environment for the players. User experience plays a big role. As do an array of new technologies. Virtual Reality (VR), for instance, is one good way to create an engaging environment for the players. Players can wear a VR headset and find themselves in a virtual casino table playing along with other players. It can also create life-like avatars of the players giving a more realistic experience. Technologies like these will help online poker websites to differentiate themselves from other websites.


Online poker is a highly competitive space with a slew of gaming, hospitality, and landbased casino companies looking to make a splash. Websites should, therefore, take time to understand the expectations of the players and design the website accordingly. Apart from the above factors, sites must be compatible with Android and iOS phones. Websites must have a varied choice of games for the players to engage with; there should also be more tournaments on the platform to keep them entertained and fast payouts on winning the game. The more the games, the happier are the players. So, online poker sites must invest time and effort in creating a 100% legal and safe website with the best user experience the players can ever ask for. This is a high stakes game now and it’s time to go all in.