A Technology Snapshot For A Winning Poker Site

Software Development

Would you believe that the online gaming industry is worth around $135 billion? Or that it is growing at a handy year on year rate of 10%? That’s an incredible testament to the capability of the industry to address the needs of its audience.

Out of all the online-versions of popular card games and games in general, one of the most popular games has been long poker, an exciting, and high-stakes game for almost all ages. Poker is like the royal flush of all gambling games and continues to conquer new frontiers on a global scale. It's not just the US and European countries, but Asian countries as well, for example, , online card games have been growing at a rate of 50-100% every year. S E Asia is now different.

One key reason to explain this boom in the gaming world is the ease of play. Today, there is the easy availability of various platforms and devices, from mobiles to tablets and PCs. That apart, there is a wider addressable audience. IT’s also easier to scale participating as compared to traditional sports. Another reason is the lower infrastructural cost for the gaming companies, as opposed to the strenuous and time-consuming process of opening a casino.

In this blog, we will focus on the technology you'll need to have in place to start a poker website.

Develop the platform:

Developing the software-based platform is the tricky part, and it makes sense to use the most feature-rich platform out there and to hire professionals to do the necessary customization. The right platform will be built on the right foundation. We, for instance, tend to use AWS backend infrastructure for cloud services, and MarkLogic as our big data engine which works as a database backend. Our platform optimizes the sockets and works on reddis for caching to improve the speed of response. This means that the response time for queries is a mere millisecond! Our front end is scalable and innovative, enabled with Angular and Unity 3D, allowing for quick responses. Good poker platforms would have similar elements.

Get it to a game developer:

After getting the platform in place, it makes sense to hand it over to an experienced game developer. You will need to customize the look and feel. The player should have a sense of playing in a real game. All those little details need to be baked into the game. Testing the end-to-end solution for gameplay is a critical part of this phase. If you're going with a company like ours that will own the entire effort, we will have the game tested by subject matter experts (read poker players!). We also conduct internal tournaments that get pretty serious! Of course, this is a bit easier for us since we have worked with over 150 games, including poker versions and lottery.

Get ready to host:

By now you should have already purchased your desired domain name. You'll need a third-party service to host or a reasonable number of high-performance servers that can handle scalability. Think about how your users will react when your systems are hosting a million users on 100,000 poker tables at the same time. A few servers would be backups. You'll also need to provide support options. No player wants the game interrupted due to technical reasons. For instance, we provide 24 X 7 support at all times. Besides this, you'll need a live chat option to help assist your players better.

Explore new technology to further secure your site:

It makes sense to explore new technologies to help drive security, scalability, and performance, For instance, poker sites are now looking at blockchain for making the website more secure. This is important in light of the news of some poker sites closing down while scamming their customers and robbing them of their buy-ins. In fact, security is an essential focus. It is critical to show the customer that your site is professional, secure, and transparently well-protected. For instance, we use 348-bit encryption for security for all the connections. We address code level security to the architecture level and the database level as well. All this means heightened security for your website, as well as your patrons.

In conclusion, starting an online poker website can be as simple as following the steps above. You could always hire a single vendor, a company like ours to take care of the entire project, from the design stages to the platform development and through to service, support, and security. You focus on building your gaming brand and acquiring new customers. The technology behind your gaming site can make your dream of running a profitable poker site a reality faster than you can imagine.