Is On The Cusp Of An Online Gaming Revolution – Why You Must Cash In.

The online gaming industry though relatively young has witnessed a growing shift over the past few years due to the rapid growth and development in the digital infrastructure. The craze for online games is going mainstream and the n online gaming industry is developing rapidly.

The initial driver for this growth was the ‘Digital ’ initiative by the government that created favourable conditions for internet services being made available to ns widely. Bandwidths improved, data rates dropped, and smartphones proliferated. With the growth of the online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity, the country quickly embraced the digital world. This has enhanced the acceptance of mobile gaming and e-wallets among the young, tech-savvy, informed, and aspirational n population. The demographics of the users signing up for the n online gaming options were always attractive for both domestic as well as international investors. So, where are the n users going?

There’s a high demand for categories like card-based games and sports fantasy games. The fantasy sport had taken the nation by storm, driven by the linkage with a famous domestic cricket league. This is an area that has seen rapid growth in a market where betting on sports is still not legal. The other game creating ripples is online poker. There has been a noticeable change in the number of online poker players with more and more millennials playing the game. In a sign of greater acceptance, it is also becoming normal for professionals and industry leaders to talk about playing online poker with their friends. The number of online poker administrators/operators have expanded tremendously .

The numbers have been promising for a while, but what makes the n online gaming space even more intriguing is promise hidden in the current situation. Now, there is a potential lockdown-driven explosion to factor in.

At present, the world is grappling with the impact of the global COVID19 pandemic. The global economy has taken a hit. Many of the industries have been coming to a halt due to lockdowns in various countries. But the online gaming industry is one of the few sectors that is experiencing a surge amidst the global economic slump.

The online gaming industry is also witnessing a sharp rise due to the lockdown in the country. The All Gaming Federation has reported that just in the period of the lockdown online gaming has grown by 12% over 2019, itself a massively successful year. AIGF CEO, Roland Landers said, “Online card games…. Have seen a higher uptick in the past few weeks as people look for ways to pass time indoors.”

It seems that online gaming has become one of ’s favourite pastimes. Industry executives believe that working from home allows people more free time, which creates the need for recreation. Online games are an excellent way to kill a few minutes, destress, and take one’s mind off work and offer an opportunity to socialise while being in social isolation. For instance, Nithin Kamath, CEO of ’s largest stockbroker Zerodha said that he turned to playing poker with his (online) friends as a way to beat stress in an interview focused on how industry leaders were handling the lockdown. With WHO stating online video games as a safe way to socialise during the isolation phase, online games have become one of the most socially acceptable ways of socialising for people living away from friends and family.

International businesses have, additionally, started searching for opportunities to join hands with n companies to tap into the growth of the n online poker industry. Many VC firms and investors are looking at investing in the online gaming sector. Here’s why they believe that investing in the online poker industry will pan out:

  • Low infrastructural cost

  • Larger target audience

  • Growing disposable income of target demographic

  • Massive headroom for expansion

The increasing interest in online poker has inspired many organisations to invest in the gaming industry, which has led to the emergence of different tournaments. Poker players are becoming celebrities on the back of famous wins and big-ticket cash prizes. Corporates are organizing tournaments as a way of improving employee engagement. It would seem that an explosion is coming ’s online gaming industry, especially in card games like poker. The perfect storm of opportunity, funding, and occasion are already in evidence. What the future leaders of this space need to do is jump in now.

But what will that take?

For these online poker sites, this is the right opportunity to educate users on the benefits of joining their gaming platform. These companies will need to create innovative, engaging products, while simultaneously delivering a sophisticated customer experience unlike any other in the market. Customers and players will demand engaging online gaming solutions accessible across multiple devices and platforms. They will want flexibility in payment options, including possibly the option to pay with modern digital currencies. These users will want the assurance of security. They will not be comfortable if the site doesn’t come with flawless, responsive, round-the-clock customer service. And given the emerging competition, the online poker site that wants to win the space will have to launch fast.

So, how can they get that?

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