How a managed service could be the fastest way for you to launch an iGaming site

Once upon a time long ago, poker evoked images of western bars with outlaws and bounty hunters. This western concept was soon replaced by poker moving out of its humble background and moving into the swanky casinos. The next evolution of poker was to move from the real to the virtual world…and this is where the poker craze really exploded.

Online poker is now is in the hyper-growth phase especially SE Asia as digital infrastructure grows, smartphone proliferation increases, and the internet user base expands. Countries such as Singapore have a huge online poker market. Great internet speed and relaxed laws have contributed to the significant rise in online gaming here. The online gaming industry is on the rise as well. It is expected to touch Rs 11,880 crore by FY2023 growing at 35-40% percent year-on-year.

More and more poker players are now looking to play online. Their familiarity with the online gaming experience is increasing. Major poker tournaments are happening online, and big pots are being cashed in. With online gaming becoming a money-making industry, it is quite natural that now hospitality and casino giants are looking at capitalizing on online gaming platforms. But these platforms must provide elevated gaming experiences. Here’s a look at why picking a managed service from an expert technology provider could be the fastest way to launch an iGaming site.

Build a platform and rollout an online poker site -fast

The most crucial part about building an iGaming site making the right technology choices in building the platform and then the dazzling website. Given the sheer number of touchpoints involved, the technology choices deeply influence the quality of the gaming experience.

Leveraging a managed service ensures that you can deliver an unparalleled experience to the game operators and the players without having to worry about implementing these choices yourself.

You can also have the platform built and roll out the gaming site fast and ensure that the portal is fully optimized across all access channels. The nuances of iGaming are well looked after and aspects such as administration management, localization, demographic layout, and markets are all taken into consideration. Building a platform with reporting, analytics, and complete CRM and player communication tools also become do-able in a much shorter timeframe.

Hosting services

Creating an iGaming site is just one part of the puzzle. Hosting it in the right place makes sure that the crucial piece of the performance puzzle fits in perfectly. Given the compliance and regulatory landscape, using a managed service provider who has this domain expertise will help you navigate this complex environment easily.

Along with taking care of all the hosting needs and the mandates laid out in the gaming jurisdiction the provider will also ensure that the platform operates as intended with 100% functionality. Elements such as image hosting, DDoS prevention, DNS management, 3rd party services, maintenance and geo-location services, and client and banner hosting will also fall under the purview of hosting services. A managed service that takes care of this will take away a considerable burden.

Digital wallets

What is iGaming without cash? An iGaming site is only as good as the robustness, security, and the options of its digital wallets. Having a secure credit card processing gateway alone does not make the cut. You also have to make provisions for options such as acquirers, e-wallets, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), worldwide bank draft payout options via local banks, wire transfer, prepaid cards, and many more. Building a capable and comprehensive e-wallet system thus becomes essential.

Another thing to keep in mind is the personalization aspect. Since customers are used to personalization in everything, they also demand personalization in payment models to suit their individual fiscal needs. Leveraging a managed service to launch an iGaming site addresses these issues easily.

Customer experience and customer service

Customer service is as important in a virtual casino as it is in a physical one. This goes beyond a brilliant look and feel and intuitive navigation and play option (which are, of course, essential)

With visitors coming in to play at all hours you have to make sure that their customer experience does not get impacted because of gaps in customer service. Enabling support for all the gaming products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year become mandatory. However, customer support also has to be provided by highly skilled professionals and with industry-leading response times.

A managed service provider will ensure that you have access to a stellar customer support team who can guide customers through the entire gaming journey, no matter how challenging.

Security, risk management and fraud protection

Security, risk management, and fraud protection have to be built into the core of any good iGaming site. Aspects such as SSL encryption certification to safeguard the integrity of the gamers’ data and financial transactions are of paramount importance. Installing firewalls and other protection of the highest standard and ensuring that security breaches, if any, are convincingly tracked by the online casino and the hosting company become important areas to look into.

Implementing intuitive risk management tools to monitor all aspects of gaming operations and enabling automated alerts for swift detection of suspicious activity are also important areas of consideration to ensure your site stays ahead of the malicious elements out there. 

However, this demands great technological proficiency and expertise as well as expansive domain knowledge. Ramping up your in-house skills will be hard to do. Leveraging a managed service is the best way ahead. 

Finally, the success of online gaming rests on providing engaging and evocative experiences that can be accessed by the players in a highly secure manner. The role of the ongoing analytics to define the right User Interface and User Experience design skills come into play here. 

With social distancing becoming the new normal due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, online gaming is only going to grow. The number of signups and the growth rate of online gaming looks set to easily surpass even the explosive growth experienced in 2019. The time to launch an online gaming platform could not be better than now and using managed services to launch could just be the fastest, and possibly the smartest, way to cash in on this boom time.