6 Factors to Keep Your Game Players Loyal

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For gaming firms, customer loyalty is of utmost importance. Without consistent players and fan following, no game can sustain in the long run. It’s accepted dogma in the online world that retaining customers is considerably easier than acquiring new customers. This is also, of course, true in the offline gaming world. That’s why casinos go to such lengths to cultivate the high-rollers who play with them.

Keeping that in mind, here are some pointers that will help your game gain loyalty from the players:

1. Create a Superior Customer Experience

This is the most critical strategy in driving customer loyalty. Provide the players an experience to remember, to cherish and they will return. Of course, this is driven by the underlying technology layer. The customers want a quick response, a brilliant and intuitive UI, instant customer service, transparent payments, and visible security. But there’s more. Many players also like to visit casinos to play games of chance. This is mainly due to the overall experience. By tracking what appeals to them when they play these games offline, you can create similar experiences in the online versions of the games. For instance, you can observe the way they interact with the machines, their winning patterns, their preferred displays, and ambiance. All these will help you map their preferences and create a seamless offline to online gaming journey for them.

2. Look for Insights Online

Loyal gamers are active in various online communities. They frequently talk about their likes, dislikes, and feature needs from the game with fellow gamers. By keeping a close watch on these players on various forums and other online communities, it can be easy for you to know their perspective. You could even seek positive or negative feedback. You can use these insights to show that you are listening. You can also create more appealing game scenarios that can guarantee loyalty from your community of players.

3. Introduce Loyalty Programs

If there is one acknowledged way to engage players and get their loyalty for your online game in exchange, it is through well-designed loyalty programs. These programs vary from game to game. For instance, you can reward the players every time they achieve a milestone or improve their standing. This is one of the best opportunities for your gaming platform to acknowledge, recognize, and reward the regular players. You could also give these players extra credit and rewards for referring other players. They could be given permission to identify themselves as players with special status when they’re on the tables -a sure way to boost their public presence.

Of course, there is no formula to create these programs. All you need is to use analytics and design innovative rewards programs that keep the gamers coming back for more.

4. Don’t Follow One-Size-Fits-All

The next point to consider is player segmentation. Grouping the players into homogenous categories based on their shared motivations and preferences will help you view each of them in the light of what works for them. Understanding the segments will allow you to tailor the games to suit their interests. Instead of following the one-size-fits-all approach, figure out what sort of games does each targeted player demographic prefer. For instance, if you want to design poker games for the Asian markets, you can take into consideration their traditional games and customize them to attract and retain the players. The customization can start with the look and feel and language options, and extend to offered game versions and rewards too.

5. Increase the Excitement

Games are all about excitement, the thrill of participating and pitting your wits against other players or the online Gods. Some of the ways you can push the envelope for getting all the players excited is by offering them points, trophies, badges, and rewards after achieving certain play and win milestones. This is a key part of the overall gaming experience and will help create a halo effect. This, in turn, also leads to higher participation rates and translate into increased loyalty.

6. Simplicity for the Win

Most online players are not fond of complexity. They want to check in quickly, get started with the game, and get their reward if they win. To ensure that most of these players stay loyal to the game, you need to come up with a straightforward ‘game plan’ of sorts so that they can easily get what they want. Logins should be simple but secure. Payments should be transparent but easy. Selecting what and how to play should be intuitive and clear. Do away with all the complicated rules, regulations and other steps that come in the way of the gamers.

The Gaming Experience is Everything

While these are some crucial factors to drive greater loyalty among players for your game, the crux is to ensure the best overall experience. Take notes from the biggies in the business and see how they keep improving the games by fixing bugs, coming up with more enhanced features and functionalities, and making the games more appealing with each passing day. And let’s not forget that innovation is the key to any game’s success. Those are the cards we have been dealt. It’s up to you to make the most of that hand!