5 Ways To Recreate The Offline Casino Experience On Your Online Gaming Portal

With the advent of smart technology, every game, application, and whatever else a person needs for entertainment is available online, and casinos are not an exception. New varieties of online casino games have taken gaming to another level, and people love it. According to the world’s “gambling” stats, about 26% of the population, which is equivalent to 1.6 billion people, indulge in the same, be it online or offline. But in recent years, there has been a surge in the number of online players of these games of chance. While in 2016, the online market was valued at $6.5 billion, the amount has increased to $53.7 billion in 2019 and that’s quite a jump, right?

The integration of advanced technologies, growing awareness of the online space, coupled with constant developments in the sector to enhance customer experience contributed to the surge in online gaming in the last few years. For casino owners, this has been a golden opportunity to set up an online space, which recreates the offline experience to lure loyal patrons and new enthusiasts to their gaming portal.

If you’re planning to tap into this market, you should focus on customer experience more than anything else. You want them to enjoy the experience as much as they do in real-world casinos, or even more. All you have to do is find a team of exceptional developers to bring that idea into life.

The following insights may help you define the experience you want to deliver.

The design of the gaming portal

Great first looks are always appreciated by new visitors, and it’s one of the most important factors to consider while setting up your online casino. You should have an idea about what your target customers want the casino to look and feel like. While some may prefer a traditional, simple design, others may vote for innovation and smart features. No matter how diverse the choices are, certain things are common for every player out there as follows:

AR and VR Will Bring New Possibilities

Some estimates are that the global virtual reality video game revenue will grow up to $22.9 billion in 2020. With several companies bringing forth VR headsets every type of game will offer players a more realistic experience with 3D graphics and the best tools on the job. This could help in player training and customer service. Companies can experiment with various aspects of game development to offer players a more immersive experience.

  • The loading speed of the website – No one likes to stay on a website that loads at snail’s pace, forget about spending money there. You should develop a super-fast loading gaming portal, not to mention, mobile-friendly, to attract more gamers to your site.

  • Easy registration - A simple registration process will increase the conversion rates by leaps and bounds. As people will come to play and earn on your website, they won’t want to wait to get into the game, let alone fill out a lengthy form just to get started.

  • Noticeable buttons – The action buttons like ‘sign up/sign-in” and “deposit” buttons should be easily noticeable to prevent time wasted in navigation.

  • Easy-navigable games – The users shouldn’t face difficulties in navigating through the portfolio of games, and the games should be well sorted according to themes, categories, ease of playing, popularity, intensity, and other essential factors to help them find and start playing the game they want.

  • Interactive widgets – While a traditional online casino may do without home page widgets, a trendy and unique one should have such widgets like winners’ list, a growing jackpot, and others to attract more players. Think of this as the online version of the sound of coins falling through a slot machine that’s delivered a jackpot.

  • Licenses and certifications – Yes! These are vital. Every online casino should consider putting up on the website. This will help build trust in the minds of your customers about the security of the operations -your visible virtual security detail.

Multiple payment options

Most real-time casinos are cash-only, with a few exceptions, of course. Once you pay the cash, it’s converted into chips with which you can start playing. While developing an online casino, paying through cash can never be an option, so you need to provide numerous payment options for maximum convenience. The more the options, the easier it will be for people to play.

Hassle-free withdrawals

This is another challenging area that you need to focus on. If the payments are delayed, or the customers get frustrated over the numerous documents that they have to submit to withdraw their rewards, your casino will hurt. However, you shouldn’t neglect the necessary security standards. So what should you do? Ask your portal developers to create a convenient withdrawal system that pays fast without compromising on the security checks.

Variety of games

The popularity of an online casino largely depends on the types of games they provide. You should tie-up with game developers with the variety available to spoil your customers with choices. Besides the most-preferred games that everyone looks for, you should also have a series of trendy, low-cost, or free games that the new users would love to play. This apart, you should also have beginners-level exciting games for new gamers along with the advanced, popular games for the experienced ones. This helps get the new gamer in and interested.

Live-chat support

Unlike a real-time casino, you can’t have a team out there to resolve the doubts and queries of your customers, who will be playing remotely from different locations. Well, can’t you? Ask your developers to provide live support. This could be on the phone or with live chat on your website. Your customers won’t feel alone or won’t have to wait for your response.

Wrapping it up

Real-life casinos are unlikely to see crowds soon. Setting up an online casino can open up a significant revenue stream if you can make the experience attractive for your customers. It is the user experience you provide that will differentiate your portal and build customer loyalty. And that could be as easy as finding reliable and experienced developers, brainstorming new ideas with them, and taking the gaming experience to another level by recreating and enhancing the offline casino experience on your online gaming portal.