5 Mobile Gaming Trends to Know About and Profit from in 2020

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According to a Research and Markets report, the gambling market in APAC is slated to grow at a CAGR of 7.31% during the period 2017-2021. The Asian market has been known for its preference for various games of chance. With a large population with a high risk-appetite, there are several takers of these games, making it a huge opportunity. Even classic games like Poker and Lotto are undergoing a transformation due to these trends. This is why online gaming firms can gain when they keep an eye on the latest trends. They can pick the trends that will help them serve these players better to stand apart.

On that note, here are some of the biggest mobile gaming trends that you need to know about and profit from in 2020. Take a look.

Cloud-Based Gaming Will Take Precedence

Some gamers play on their consoles, PCs or TV. And then there are gamers who mostly download/install games on their mobile and play games on the move. Cloud gaming is the answer to all these types of gamers.

Some of these cloud-based gaming services include Xbox xCloud and Google Stadia and these are slowly but steadily gaining traction. Taking a cue from their growing popularity, mobile game firms will do well to focus on cloud technology. The technology delivers flexibility, scale, and economy to your solution. Gaming driven by the power of the cloud can allow gamers can play their preferred games, including Poker and Lotto, on just about any streaming device.

The Rise of 5G

5G is on the rise and it is likely to change the entire mobile gaming narrative. It will enable faster, more dynamic gameplay. In addition to this, gaming devices will need to include lesser specific hardware than before to deliver a stunning gaming experience. This will pique the interest levels of players who can play their favorite games without any hassle and at a blazing pace. The lower entry barriers due to reduced device costs will rope in more gamers. The better network could boost engagement between different players who compete on the speedier network. Looking at these benefits, frequent online gamers could also go for premium services, and be prepared to pay for it as well! The network speed could also lead to more takers for Live versions of games such as online casinos, poker, and lotto.

AR and VR Will Bring New Possibilities

Some estimates are that the global virtual reality video game revenue will grow up to $22.9 billion in 2020. With several companies bringing forth VR headsets every type of game will offer players a more realistic experience with 3D graphics and the best tools on the job. This could help in player training and customer service. Companies can experiment with various aspects of game development to offer players a more immersive experience.

And then there is Augmented Reality or AR. Imagine the difference between playing poker and being “in” a poker game! For instance, players will find online gambling as close to reality as possible. The players could interact with classy avatars of fellow players. Potentially, AR or Augmented Reality could take gaming to a new level altogether.

It is evident that when used to the full potential, both these technologies will be able to offer more realistic environments to gamers and lead to more engaging mobile games.

Hyper Casual Genre Will Be the Highlight

Hyper-Casual is the new buzzword in the world of mobile gaming and is used to describe games based on a minimalist or flat design with a simple color palette. These games’ popularity is catching on and appeal to a broader section of the audience all around the world. Moreover, these games are focused on the mass market, catchy, and have shorter loops. These often have lots of ads to rake in the revenues but the simple mechanics of these games will keep on adding to their popularity.

Think of slot machine games, card games, poker that are not just driven by luck alone, but several other factors that can influence the decisions and actions taken during gameplay. Hyper-casual games can provide the perfect environment for the players to flex their skills. These could serve as entry-level games to get players habituated to the games before moving into a deeper experience.

Cross-Platform Mobile Games

Cross-platform mobile games have been around for quite some time now but the trend refuses to die. And that’s only natural considering the mix of operating systems (and, yes, even phone models) out there. Game development firms who are focusing on creating attractive games for the market, need to balance the design, graphics, and the overall game UI. This will make the games portable and playable from anywhere. It is the convenience that counts for players and therefore, cross-platform online gambling games and other games of chance will continue to shine in 2020.

All in All: The Gaming Experience Counts

Trends will come and go, but one thing remains constant and that is the gaming experience. Even if their games are commonplace, mobile game development firms will need to take into account the experience of their players. It will have to be a 360-degree approach to developing their online game development with no stone left unturned. This can be done with enhanced graphics, better features and functionalities, constant improvements, and by adding that “X factor”. In that quest, keeping an eye on the latest trends driving the world of mobile games could help you pick the right trend that will make your game stand out.